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The Center For Great Plains Studies Award:
The Center for Great Plains Studies announces the Great Plains History Award in conjuction with the Nebraska State History Day ceremonies. The Center would like to extend an invitation to all Nebraska junior and senior high school students to prepare a history project dealing with the history of the Great Plains region. The project should focus on a historical event or events that had a significant impact on the Grea Plains, including the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, and the eastern portions of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. Projects could include, but not be limited to, such areas as homestading, Native American history, agriculture, railroad construction and travel, town settlements, education, economics, and other topics. Award recipients will receive a cash award of $100 for Senior and Junior Division and $50 for Senior and Junior Honorable Mention, either for an individual presenter or to be divided among group participants.

Nebraska State Historical Society Award:
The Nebraska State Historical Society Award is presented in the Junior and Senior Divisions. The award focuses on the best local, county, or state topic from Nebraska using superior use of archival materials. Award recipients will receive a cash award of $100, either for an individual presenter or to be divided among group participants. The sponsoring teacher will receive a free year's membership to the Nebraska State Historical Society (a $30.00 value).

Michael Berg Memorial Award:
This award is a $300.00 award given in memory of Michael Berg by Jim Barstow and Ron Naugle. The 1st Place Senior Individual Documentary is the recipient of this award.

Nebraska Press Association Award:
The Nebraska Press Association Award is presented to the 1st Place Historical Paper in the Junior and Senior divisions. Award recipients will receive $100.00.

Nebraska Wesleyan University Scholarships:
Nebraska Wesleyan University Scholarships of $500.00 are awarded to the 1st Place winners in the Senior Individual categories - Documentary, Exhibit, Paper, Performance, and Web Site.

NEBRASKAland Foundation Award:
The NEBRASKAland Foundation Award in history honors the best entry in both the junior and senior divisions that deals with a person, place, event, institution or other development that contributed to the heritage of Nebraska. 1st Place winner of each division will be awarded $300.00; 2nd Place winner will be awarded $200.00.